Covenant Partners



A Project committee of RCCG GNH will be raised (to be chaired by Pastor Okosun) to give transparent quarterly accounts and commit such into various projects towards moving the work of God forward.

The primary objective is to spread Goodnews Haven Covenant Partners membership to RCCG GNH congregation as well as outside the church.


1. Prayers

You will pray a simple prayer daily, even if it’s only one minute;

  • Father, strengthen your sons: Daddy G.O. & family, Pastor Godday Okosun & family, Goodnews Haven Covenant Partners & and congregation at large.
  • Do not let your anointing run dry over us.
  • Do not let your son: Pastor Okosun fail in Jesus name.
  • God should give every member strength to finish strong in Jesus name.

2. Fasting

  • You’ll fast with RCCG GNH Covenant Partners 3 times a year; February, July and December (3 days within the first week in each month mentioned). So, you’ll pray for us, you’ll fast and then you’ll support the work of God financially by joining one group from the groups listed below.

Your financial support will be once in a month or you can redeem you commitments once in a year if God permits you. There will be ten groups. So, you’ll be able to join at least one of the ten groups. You can start from any group and move up the ladder even as God blesses you.

As the father, Pastor Okosun will pray for RCCG GNH Covenant Partners daily; not once a month but every day. You can be rest assured that our God who has been faithful to us all these years will be faithful to RCCG GNH Covenant Partners as from this year 2014 in Jesus name. According to daddy GO’s statement:  “God made a promise, He said all those who are lifting up my hands, He said as I rise, they will rise. So you will rise with me in Jesus’ name”. 

Covenant Partners Membership Form