• in pursuit of GOD

  • discovering PURPOSE

  • maximizing POTENTIAL

  • impacting LIVES

The pursuit of God represents the way of life we hunger after as a church, a way of life in which God’s guidelines for wise living, as documented in the Bible, form the basis of everything we do.

Our goal is to emulate Christ, so that we can also be a gift to a world in need.

Just as a tool cannot decide its function, a created being cannot determine the reason for its existence.

We believe in the importance of each individual and encourage an environment in which anyone can be set on the path to discover the role they were designed to fill.

Each person is designed to do something a lot better than most, and the strength of the body lies in the strength of its individual parts.

It is in the maximisation of these innate talents and skills that mankind can have a positive and lasting impact the world.

We are committed to practical Christianity, where our pursuit, purpose and potential are used to enhance the lives of others.

Locally or in the international community, we desire to play our part in easing burdens on those less fortunate than ourselves.

Verse of the Day

Galatians 6:2  "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ."


“His mother saith unto the servants,Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.John 2:5 KJV

Welcome to the month of September with the theme “Supernatural Breakthrough”. The word Supernatural comes from the Latin word supernaturalis, meaning beyond nature. The adjective form of supernatural describes anything that pertains to or is caused by something that can't be explained by the laws of nature  .i.e. it is beyond the ordinary.  It is extraordinary or is something associated with forces we don't understand or that cannot be explained by science. It means divine intervention in the life of a man  i.e. God arising on your behalf to do the unusual. Breakthrough on the other hand means a highly significant or dramatic invention or improvement in one’s life situation or circumstances.

The Story of Peter in Luke 5:1-10 is one that we are all familiar with. Peter a professional fisherman had used his skills, experience, equipment, right time and right people to fish all night and yet he caught nothing. But at the word of Jesus he experienced a supernatural breakthrough that turned around his situation such that he had to beckon on others for help with his breakthrough. Another appropriate story is what led to Jesus first miracle at the wedding in Canaan as recorded in John 2:1-11.

The question now is what  do I need to do to experience this Supernatural breakthrough in my life?

Keys to Supernatural Breakthrough

  • Be born again: A life without Christ is a life in perpetual crisis. If you are a child of God you are on the winning side. When we seek first the kingdom of God all other things shall be added unto us including our desired breakthroughs in every facet of life (Mathew 6:33). Being born again gives you the access to God's Grace that brings supernatural breakthrough, because Grace is the visible and undeniable hand of God upon a man's life.
  • Faith: Have faith in God. Faith enables you to please God (Hebrews 11:6). He has done it before and he can do it again. Put all your hope and trust in him and he would turn around your situation for good and give you the desired breakthrough.
  • Acting on the Word of God . Believe and act on the word. His words are ye and amen and every word shall accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. Peter had toiled all night but nevertheless when the word came that he should let down his net for a draught he enclosed a  great multitude of fishes (Luke 5:6). Learn to put action to the voice of God and you will experience a supernatural breakthrough. Doing whatever He ask you to do (complete obedience) is a key to supernatural breakthrough (John 2:5).
  • There is the place of prayer, praise and thanksgiving. Paul & Silas were in prison but they prayed, praised and glorified God. And the prison doors were opened and their breakthrough came (Acts 16:22-29). You too can do the same into your breakthrough.
  • Be persistent and don’t give up until you get the desired breakthrough (Job 14:14b) “All the days of my appointed time will I wait till my change come”.
  • Corporate prayers and fasting. Tremendous power is released when we come together to pray and fast and this is usually followed by supernatural breakthrough (Esther4:16-17).
  • Sow a significant seed that would give you the desired breakthrough. The widow of Zarephath sowed her last meal and was sustained with her family through the famine period.1 Kings 17:9-16.Don’t also observe the wind. If you desire a breakthrough sow a significant seed that would provoke the attention of heaven (1 Kings 3:3-6).

 In conclusion, every form of toiling and labouring in vain shall cease in your life as you experience the supernatural breakthrough of God in every facet of your life in Jesus name (Amen).

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